Hi, my name is Irinel I am the founder of Brainnetwork.io
I decided to tell you the story of this project

It all started a few months ago when I met ADEMU ANTHONY, a very good developer, whom I consider my best friend today.

We wanted to make a project like no other and different from the thousands of projects that are now

our discussions were something like that :

— anyone can create a token in less than 10 minutes

— anyone can copy an html code and edit it a bit and make a site and a token

I was sitting through different groups of new cryptocurrencies, especially Bep20 and I could see with my own eyes every mistake that a project made, I was present with hundreds of projects were scams, people were investing in the project token, and when it came to listing, all the groups with the project were deleted, as well as the site, according to my calculations only in the projects I saw I was cheated in total of over 19 million dollars. all those projects being anonymous

That’s how I came up with the idea to make a social network based on a Bep20 token, through which people can enjoy their investments, through which people are free to post to make a community and at the same time be rewarded for their work.


This is where Brain Power comes into play

What is Brain Power?

Brain Power (BP) is the voting power (like) of each user.

BP balances are non-transferable and non-divisible except via the automatically recurring conversion requests. This means that BP cannot be easily traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. When users vote on content, their influence over the distribution of the rewards pool is directly proportional to the amount of BP that they have.

therefore, after months of well thought out and prepared with each idea I decided to start working on the project

Brain team? we decided to be a public team compared to thousands of anonymous BEP20 projects, we decided to migrate to twitter, this way the world can follow us every skill we have

I’m still looking for members of our team named Promoters
this means that we are looking for 2 members from China, Russia, EU, Africa, India and USA. These members must be Influencers or youtubers, their job is with advertising, that is when we post a partnership, a novelty, an update their job will be to share our news and speak to the world in their language about Brain

follow us on twitter (4) Brain Network (@BrainNetwork2) / Twitter

our telegram Telegram: Contact @BrainNetworkk

Until then, Best Regards