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Nov 20, 2021

4 min read

Road Map for Brain Network Project!

Roadmap For Brain Network

Welcome back , today we publish the Official Road Map of the projects that are bing planned in the BRAIN NETWORK system!


Early concept of Brainers.

BRAINERS is a public content sharing platform, but running on the Binance Smart Chain. It will pay its users to post and create content. This platform will redefine social networks by building a community where users are rewarded for sharing their curated content.

Think of Brainers a Social Blogging Platform, such as Reddit and Medium where you can post articles and other users vote on the content you posted. However, unlike Reddit or Medium, Brainers will reward your content with a crypto called $BRAIN token. Users — who are also $BRAIN holders — can upvote or downvote your posts, based on the “power” of their votes. More about voting power soon…

Users will receive $BRAIN rewards, as well as other Brain Network Partner Tokens.

Planned release date is 16-20th of December 2021!


Early concept of Brain Pedia.

Brain Pedia is a free to use and open-sourced online crypto book, created through the collaborative effort of the BRAIN community.

Think you don’t know much about a crypto project? Perhaps you want to know more about the team members or the CEO of a project? Well... Brain Pedia will offer this information to you!

Brain Pedia will likely follow the successful design of Wikipedia.

In the future, BRAIN will aim to have a partnership with CoinMarketCap, where the requests for listing new Tokens will be associated with Brain Pedia, which means that only safe projects that were previously listed on Brain Pedia will appear in CMC. Should we consider it as a pre-audit or pre-KYC is up to the community members!

Planned release date is 8–12th of January 2022!


Early concept of Brain Network

What is the Brain Social Network?

Brain Network is a platform where investors can observe and follow the investing strategies of experts in the field, find their favourite influencers and build their network of friends following specific crypto projects and more!

As new investors build their portfolios, they would be able to share the details of their strategies and HODL together with others.

Our future plan is to build a strong team and take the product to the next level. Our idea is to make crypto MUCH simpler and MUCH more fun. Newcomers can get started in the Cryptoverse with Brain Network!

Early concept of Brain Network.

Brain Network’s platform will implement: Staking (Crypto Farming), NFT Systems, Project launchpads, and will give rewards for posting original content, but only for users who were verified before, and have their own verification badge for extra safety!

Planned launch date is 12–21st of February 2022!


Brain Chain’s details are unfortunately a secret for now, most information are strictly a secret, but let us give you an idea! The transaction fee will be a maximum of $0.01 and the transaction will be performed at a maximum of 8.9 seconds!

Planned release date is March 28th — April 4th 2022!


Early concept of BrainEx

Brain Exchange is committed to providing best-in-class features and services to its users so that they could get a sound experience with the exchange platform. It will connect users through Brain Network, were trading together will be experienced as never before!

BrainEx will focus on easy-to-understand features.

Brain Wallet will also play a key role in disrupting the crypto world as we know it! Soon, wallets will not only hold your precious Tokens, be it fungible or not fungible! New updates will come soon…

Planned release date is 1st of August 2022!


Brain Staking will be available on from the first day after the announcement of the pre-sales, and investors will be able to multiply their investments while Brain is launched on exchanges. Vesting will release periodically!

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